Northeast Dallas' Father's Auxiliary supports the NED Mothers in their endeavors to educate and teach our children our culture, civic responsibilities and the importance of obtaining an education.

Why is the Father’s Auxiliary Important?

Men whom are active in the lives of their children represent fatherhood at its best. In Jack and Jill, the FA is an ideal way for dads to be engaged with their children.

Through the Fathers’ Auxiliary, the men of Jack and Jill, can serve as role models for all of our children being involved in their lives as they transform from kids to youth to adults.

Although Jack and Jill is historically a mothers and children organization, the Fathers’ Auxiliary offers the support and encouragement from the men which thereby compliments the mission of Jack and Jill.

The mothers of Jack and Jill develop excellent programming for our children – involvement from the fathers only makes it better (teamwork makes the dream work)!