The Northeast Dallas Associate Jewels group is comprised of Mothers who have successfully tenured/graduated out of Jack and Jill and who are passionate about staying connected to each other and supporting the current Mother members through time, talent and resources. 

 Pictured: Shelita Seals, Mildred Abu, Denise Johnson-Fue, Lori Parker, Sharolyn Headroe, Shannon Woods
Not Pictured: Rosylin Johnson
NED Associate Jewels
Shelita Seals, Chair
Rosylin Johnson, Secretary
Sharolyn Headroe, Treasurer
Mildred Abu, Chaplain
Denise Johnson-Fue, Member
Shannon Woods, Member

Since 2018, the Northeast Dallas Chapter has excitedly and eagerly awaited the installation of an Associates Group. This small and mighty group of mothers who have graduated out continue to beactively involved in giving back to our community and staying well connected with Jack and Jill of America.  They have attended Associate activities at Area Work Day and Conferences and continue to volunteer their time and give their resources to help their fellow Jack and Jill mothers.  

These mothers have led the Back to School Rally, a community service project that the Northeast Dallas Chapter partners with annually, to volunteer and donate resources to the less fortunate families in the Garland Independent School District.  They work with the organization to identify opportunities for our children and teens, then coordinate work shifts to ensure our youth are actively participating in giving back to the communities in which we live. The Associates work on-site to manage the process and ensure our chapter completes our volunteer duties with excellence.

We are extremely proud of their commitment to serving the community to ensure that all children have access toresources as they grow to be the leaders they have been created to be within our global society. On mission. On purpose.

The charter members include Mildred Abu, Sharolyn Headroe, Rosylin Johnson, Denise Johnson-Fue, Shelita Seals, and Shannon Woods.